John Beath

Beath has won dozens of regional & national awards from N.O.W.A. & O.W.A.A. for writing, photography & videography.

John BeathIn 2004 he set the I.G.F.A. six-pound line class world record for Chinook salmon.

"John L. Beath, noted outdoor writer and photographer, broke a world record August 18, when he caught a 51.25/lb Chinook salmon using six-pound test line.  The catch was no accident, as Beath began his quest to beat the current six-pound line class record for Chinook salmon in 2002.

“I fished for 30 days in August of ’2002 and ’03 and caught dozens of Chinook between 30 and 48 ½ pounds. This year I only fished with light line three times before making the record catch I was hoping for,” explained Beath.

Beath made his catch at Rivers Inlet Resort in British Columbia, Canada, within 200 feet of the resort's front door. Beath used an Islander single action reel loaded with Berkley 4-pound XT line that pre-tested into the International Game Fish Association’s six-pound line class. The rod used was a 10 1/2 ft. G. Loomis Canadian style-mooching rod designed for light line fishing." Read More


He also holds four fly tippet world records.

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